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Nutrient-Rich Compost, Topsoil, and Planting Mix Than Plants Love

Whether you’re looking to start a new garden or add some fresh life to your existing one, good dirt is essential. At Fox Landscape Supply, we carry a variety of dirt and topsoil products to suit your needs. From nutrient-rich compost to planting mix, we have everything you need to get your garden growing.

And because we know that not everyone’s dirt needs are the same, we offer our products in a range of quantities. So whether you need a little or a lot, we can help you get the dirt you need to make your garden thrive.

For all your dirt and topsoil needs, visit Fox Landscape Supply today. We’re conveniently located in Plainfield, IL, and offer delivery within 75 miles. Order online to schedule a delivery or call us at (815) 577-8294 before noon for same-day delivery.

8 Benefits of Pulverized Topsoil

Are you looking for the right topsoil for your garden's needs? Read here for the great benefits of pulverized topsoil to decide if it's right for your needs.
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Choose Fox Landscape Supply for Organic Dirt

With our selection of organic options, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality soil for your project.

We also offer a variety of fertilizer options to ensure that your plants get the nutrients they need to thrive and flourish. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all of your organic landscape supply needs!

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13 Benefits of Choosing Planting Mix for Your Garden

The soil you choose plays an important role in keeping your plants healthy. Read here for thirteen benefits of choosing planting mix for your garden.
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We Have the Best Dirt & Topsoil For Sale in Bulk!

Dirt, compost, planting mix, and topsoil are key ingredients in any successful landscaping project. At Fox Landscape Supply, we have the best dirt and topsoil for sale in bulk. Whether you’re looking to improve your garden or fill in some holes, we have the perfect dirt for the job.

Come stop by our local facility and take a look at our dirt selection, all available in bulk. Order online today or give us a call at (815) 577-8294 and we’ll be happy to help you find the right dirt for your project. Delivery is available within 75 miles of Plainfield, IL. Same-day delivery is available if you call and order before noon.

Use our material calculator below to estimate how many yards you’ll need for your project.

Shop Fox Landscape Supply today and get the dirt you need to get the job done right!

Material Calculator

Calculate How Many Yards You Need

Note: The material calculator is for estimations only. Product coverage areas differ based on the type of material. For more information, please contact us.

Semi Dump and Flat Bed Delivery Available

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