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13 Benefits of Choosing Planting Mix for Your Garden

The soil you choose plays an important role in keeping your plants healthy. Read here for thirteen benefits of choosing planting mix for your garden.
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When starting and maintaining gardens for clients on your roster, you must do more than test the soil, grow cover crops, and prevent soil compaction.

It would help if you also considered things like using planting mix to encourage healthier and more abundant growth.

Regardless of the soil quality, the right additives can make a big difference in the overall results for your landscaping customers.

Continue reading to learn about 13 benefits of selecting planting mix for your garden.

1. Retain Moisture

One of the benefits of planting mix for your customers’ gardens is that it helps to retain moisture and nutrients in the vicinity of the roots.

You’ll find this all the more critical if your region isn’t getting much rain or there’s a limit to how much watering you can do. Using the right product can help to encourage a robust root system and healthy plants.

2. Helps With Root Anchorage

Another reason it pays to use the right product is that it will settle around the root system of the plants and help to hold the plants in place. 

The last thing your clients want is to see their plants blow over whenever inclement weather occurs. Choosing the right mix will keep the plants sturdy and upright while allowing air and water to access the roots.

3. Protects Clients’ Investments

When your clients reach out to a landscaping company, they want results. They want a green lawn, trimmed bushes, and beautiful gardens. You can bet they’re also willing to pay for landscaping services if they get the desired results.

You’ll want to ensure your landscaping clients get what they paid for by using the right mix in the right situations. Using the right products and performing the right services will ensure your clients get healthy, beautiful gardens.

Remember, too, that satisfied customers will tell their friends, family, and neighbors about the results they’ve received from your landscaping business. Using the right products to ensure optimal plant health will reap dividends.

4. Helps Compensate for Poor Soil Quality

Depending on where your customers live, they may have great soil, good soil, or poor soil.

Many factors contribute to the condition of your customers’ soil, and that’s why it’s essential to test the soil quality. Consider other soil options for your clients and use the right potting mix.

The good news for your clients is that they don’t have to put up with poor garden soil. Your landscaping company can turn things around dramatically.

You can explain your customers’ options to get quality garden soil. They’ll be more pleased with the results after addressing their soil issues.

5. Boosts Curb Appeal

Don’t underestimate the value a beautiful garden can have on curb appeal. Ensure your customers know that investing in landscaping is a cost-effective way to enhance the exterior of their property in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Curb appeal isn’t just about beauty, however. It can also contribute toward boosting the valuation of a home. Yes, a professionally landscaped property will attract more foot traffic if the property is put up for sale.

So, hiring a landscaping company is one way your customers can achieve a picture-perfect property that looks great and gains more value.

6. Broadens Your Scope of Services

Another reason you should offer planting mix options is that doing so can broaden the scope of services for customers and potential customers. 

When homeowners look for landscaping companies, they want service providers that offer everything they need now and may need in the future. Otherwise, they’ll have to work with multiple service providers, which can get annoying.

Offering a diverse range of services means you’ll be able to help people whose properties feature different types of soil. While some homeowners have relatively rich and healthy soils, others aren’t quite as fortunate.

You also need to educate the public so that they understand the benefits of hiring landscapers and choosing products and services that improve their properties.

7. Helps With Various Planting Needs

Even if homeowners want to do their own landscaping, they may not know what types of soil options are most appropriate for their plants. That’s where a landscaping company comes into the equation.

When explaining the benefits of soil mix, you can let customers know that the blooming season of the plants in question factors into which product to use. Planting mix is a good idea when repotting outdoor and indoor potted plants.

Using soil mix also makes sense in the following situations:

  1. Preparing seedlings
  2. Planting flowers and vegetables
  3. Planting shrubs and trees

Don’t assume that your customers or would-be customers understand the ins and outs of choosing soil for their gardens. You need to explain why investing in different products to improve their plants is worth their while.

After explaining the “whys,” you can communicate your landscaping business’ value proposition to homeowners.

8. Makes Caring for Garden Easier

One of the main reasons people hire landscapers is to ensure the job is done right. When you use the right products for your customers, they’ll have less work to do between landscaping appointments.

That’ll be a game-changer for homeowners who lack the time or interest to roll up their sleeves and care for their landscaping needs.

Homeowners who don’t want to spend a ton of time taking care of their gardens will want to know about products and services that can help.

9. Fluffy Texture Advantageous for Roots

Yet another benefit of using planting mix is that its light texture makes it easy to penetrate down to the roots. Using the wrong product can provide a barrier that makes this penetration more difficult.

It’s a good idea to let customers know about the benefits of choosing a product with a light or fluffy texture. Again, don’t assume they know. It’s your job to tell them.

10. Clients Get What They Paid For

If your customers ask for planting mix, that’s what they should get. The problem is that some products advertised as planting mix might not be.

Homeowners who go to the store to purchase gardening products might be getting the wrong products since the packaging might be misleading. That’s one reason it pays for consumers to work with reputable landscapers.

11. Pros Know How to Use Products Properly

Even if consumers independently buy the right products for their gardens, that doesn’t mean they’ll know how to properly use them. The instructions on the packaging might be relevant in certain situations.

However, homeowners who have gardens have certain soil conditions might not get the results they want with products they can get from a home improvement store.

Hiring a landscaper means that professionals will service the garden properly. They will know what products to use, when to use them, and how often to use them.

Your customers can count on your expertise not only in selecting the right products for their gardens, but also in using them properly.

12. Work Can Be Done Cost-Effectively

Your customers can save money when they bundle service options. If you’re already doing their lawn care and trimming their branches and shrubs, they can add garden care options like planting mix.

Offering bundled services can help you generate more revenue from existing customers.

13. Offers Customers Convenience

While some people love going to garden centers, not all of them do. It can be time-consuming to walk down the many aisles of the facility — and it can be even more daunting to find what you’re looking for.

Staff members working at these facilities may not be product-knowledge experts. So, getting the information you need from them might be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But when consumers hire landscaping companies, they won’t have to worry about going to a garden center or speaking with staff members there.

The landscaper will have the skills and expertise, products and services, and more to help homeowners who want their landscaping needs met.

We Have the Planting Mix You Need

If you’re a landscaping company, you need a reliable supplier to get the mulch, dirt and topsoil, sand and gravel, decorative stones, boulders, brick pavers, and more that you need to service your clients.

You can also count on us at Fox Landscape Supply to provide a variety of planting mix options to ensure your customers’ gardens flourish.

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