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* Please note: The color of mulch may differ between production cycles *

Get as Much Mulch as You Need for Your Property

Mulch is a great way to give your plants the protection they need and improve the overall health of your garden. Our mulch is available for pickup or delivery, and we have a large selection to choose from. One yard of mulch covers about 150 sq. ft. at a depth of 2 inches. If you’re used to buying 2-cubic yard bags from our store, 14 of those bags equals one yard.

Have questions? Call us at (815) 577-8294 or contact us and one of our experts will be happy to help. We have the right mulch for any landscaping project at our store or delivered to your door. Please call for same-day mulch delivery.

Mulch May Vary in Color

We suggest that you visit our store and examine the different varieties of mulch we have in stock before placing an order.

Different production cycles can vary in color, so it is best to take a look first to ensure you are getting the hue you desire.

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We Dye Our Own Black and Brown Mulch

We dye our own eco-friendly black and brown mulch right here on site, so you know it’s fresh and of the highest quality! We also have a variety of other colors and options available. Come and see us today to find the perfect mulch for your garden and landscaping project!

Dyed Black Mulch Pile

Dyed Black Mulch

Our dyed black mulch is a double processed hardwood mulch with a color additive to keep the color lasting longer. Available for delivery or pick up. Approx. coverage = 150 SF @ 2″ thick.

$37.00 / yard

Dyed Mulch Disclaimer

When using dyed mulch, make sure there is no chance of rain for at least 24 hours after installation. This will allow the dye to dry properly and give you a beautiful yard all season long!

Dyed mulch may leave a temporary haze on your driveway. To avoid this, we recommend you put a tarp down for the mulch to be dumped on during delivery.

Place Down
Tarp for Mulch

24 Hrs. No Rainfall
After Install

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Photo of a blue tarp to be put down before mulch driveway dump

Bulk Mulch For Your Plants, Your Garden and the Environment

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your plants, and we’ve got a great selection of mulches to choose from. Our mulches will help keep your plants healthy and looking beautiful all season long. Plus, our mulching service is ranked the best in the area and is always at a fair price.

Mulch is helpful for protecting the roots of your plants and the soil around them. It is typically made from various decaying organic materials, like bark or wood chips.

Mulching also helps your soil by adding nutrients and organic matter, improving soil drainage, and moisture retention, reducing compaction, and attracting earthworms. It also makes it less likely that plants on the edges of your plots will get damaged or blown away during erosions.

Bringing in fresh mulch is an easy way to give your garden the extra protection and nourishment it needs to really thrive. At Fox Landscape Supply, we have all the mulch you need for any size landscaping project. Place an order today!

The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Mulch

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Pickup Your Mulch in Plainfield, IL

If you live in Plainfield, IL, or the surrounding areas, we offer local mulch pickup at our facility. We have a wide variety to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your garden. Come bring your own truck and fill up on mulch today!

Use our material calculator below to help determine about how many yards of mulch you need.

Material Calculator

Calculate How Much Mulch You Need

Note: The material calculator is for estimations only. Product coverage areas differ based on the type of material. For more information, please contact us.

We Also Deliver High Quality Mulch within 75 Miles of Plainfield, IL

If you live outside of the Plainfield area, don’t worry! We deliver our high-quality mulch within a 75-mile radius. So whether you’re in Lockport, Crest Hill, Yorkville, Naperville, Joliet, Aurora, or anywhere else nearby, we can get your mulch to you. Call for same-day speedy mulch delivery service.

Shop our selection and schedule a delivery during checkout or call us at (815) 577-8294 to place an order.

What are the Benefits of Mulch for Your Garden?

Mulch is a key tool gardeners can use to improve their soil health. Here are some unmissable benefits of mulch for your garden, and how you can start.
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Bulk Mulch for Sale - Pickup Today or Schedule a Delivery

We offer a variety of mulches in bulk for sale. We have house-made dyed enhanced brown, black, and red mulch as well as hardwood, playmat, and rubber mulch to help your landscaping project look its best.

Our experienced team can provide advice on the right type of mulch for you and can help with delivery or pickup options. Stop by our yard or give us a call at (815) 577-8294 today! Let us help you get started on your project

Semi Dump and Flat Bed Delivery Available

Call for Freight Rate or Visit Us Locally in Plainfield, IL
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