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Plainfield Mulch Delivery Services: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for Plainfield mulch delivery services? You can read about your available options here in this detailed breakdown.
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Does the idea of recouping 126% ROI on a landscape improvement project excite you? You should try laying out fresh mulch on your lawn. This project can help give your lawn an eye-popping appeal and cut down lawn care costs significantly.

Though mulch is essential for lawn care and landscaping, it’s not fun to transport. The scent of mulch may be less appealing when soaked in your vehicle. You should therefore consider mulch delivery services.

Ordering mulch from home is simple, fast, and convenient. It also allows you to purchase the correct quantity of mulch and the best quality. Here’s everything you need to know about mulch delivery service in Plainfield, IL. 

Why You Should Consider Plainfield Mulch Delivery Services

If it’s your first time ordering mulch, you may wonder whether the delivery service is worth it. Below are some advantages of mulch delivery that can inform your decision.

Saves Time

Buying mulches in bulk and transporting them to your property takes time and effort. The process can be more daunting if you have a large garden that needs mulching.

Hiring a reliable mulch delivery service will help save time. The professional team will ensure that the mulches are delivered to your property in time and in the right amounts. You can even count on their help when looking to install the mulches.

Quality Guaranteed

It can be tricky to choose the best quality of mulches for your garden or lawn. This is because of the quality variation that exists in the market.

A low-quality mulch can affect the health and appeal of your lawn or garden plants. But with a high-quality product, the plants get to retain moisture, and soil temperature will be improved. Consider quality mulches to fertilize the soil and reduce weeds.


Transporting mulches to your property is physically draining. You also risk straining your back or suffering an injury when you handle heavy loads of mulch.

What’s more, your vehicle may not be designed to handle such heavy loads. Delivery services usually have the right safety equipment to eliminate these safety issues.

How to Prepare for the Delivery Service

You need to consider the needs of your landscape and garden before ordering mulch. Start by getting rid of any existing weeds and their roots. This will help leave the soil surface bare and allow you to estimate the volume of mulch needed.

Tilling the soil and smoothening the bed is also a good idea. While doing this, remove natural debris like sticks, leaves, or stones. You should also trim the surrounding bushes and trees to prevent additional debris.

Determine the Volume of Mulch That’s Needed

A single 2-cubic feet bag of mulching material can cover about 12 square feet. Use this figure to estimate the total square footage of mulch that your garden beds need.

If you have bought mulch before, you probably know the number of bags that suit your yard. Either way, note that mulch services sell mulches by the cubic yard. And one cubic yard of mulching material that is an inch deep can cover a 324 sq. ft. bed.

Figure Out How Often You Should Install Mulch on the Lawn

Your beds need 2 to 3 inches of mulches at maximum. This allows you to add more as the mulches deteriorate. If the mulch covering reduces to two inches, you can add a new layer.

Weathering elements like the sun and rain affect the quality and longevity of mulches. You should mulch your beds once each season to improve the soil’s nutrients.

Order More Than You Think You Need

As you place your order, be sure to order more than what your lawn needs. You’ll discover that it is less costly to order an entire truckload than half a truckload. And even when some of the mulches remain, you’ll still find a way to use them.

Inform the Delivery Service About the Dropping off Location

For the delivery service to process your order, let them know where you’d like the mulches to be dropped off. If you fail to share this information, they may drop it off where it’s convenient for them. As a result, you’ll have to load and transport the mulches to where they are needed.

Use a Tarp to Protect Your Driveway or Lawn

Whether it’s a truckload of mulch or a small batch, the process of unloading can be messy. To avoid a temporary haze on your driveway or damaging your lawn, cover the area with a tarp. This will also make it easier to clean up the mess once the delivery is complete.

Choosing a Mulch Delivery Service

There has been a tremendous increase in mulch delivery services in the market. With so many options, it can be challenging to pick the right one. Here are the factors that you need to consider as you hire the delivery service:


A good mulch delivery service should have several years of experience in their line of work. The company should demonstrate this through excellent customer support and fast processing timelines. Their customer testimonials can also help you understand their experience levels.

While interviewing prospective providers, inquire about their experience and knowledge. They should have a good track record for helping customers like you get mulch delivered in time.

Delivery Fee and Hidden Costs

Prepare a budget for the delivery service before approaching potential providers. The budget will help you stay within your financial limits and find a cost-effective provider.

Part of the interview process should involve getting multiple quotes from the companies. Compare the costs against the quality of services offered to make a sound decision.

What Happens During the Delivery Process?

Mulch deliveries vary with the provider, the quantity of mulch transported and the distance covered. You need to get a sense of what the process involves before making an order. This will help you estimate the expected arrival times.

The process starts when you select a mulch product for your lawn or garden. Depending on the service, you can get help as you try to determine how much mulch is needed. Once you share details about the mulch and your location, the company will process your order.

On the designated delivery day, expect the company to deliver mulch to your property. A well-equipped truck will facilitate transportation to assure safety. Also, expect the truck driver to drop off the mulch in the designated areas.

Upon request, you can schedule a mulch installation service. Through this service, you will have the mulches applied to your beds or lawn in an even layer. The team will also mulch your trees and shrubs and edge the beds to keep mulches in place.

Once the installation process is over, expect tips on mulch maintenance from the company. The specialists will also respond to any of your queries. And finally, they will clean up the place, leaving it in the state they found it in.

Types of Mulch You Can Have Delivered to Your Home in Bulk

Buying mulch in bulk rather than in small quantities saves money. The overall delivery fees are also lower compared to ordering several small quantities. Types of mulch you can buy include: 

Aromatic Cedar Mulch

This mulch is derived from white cedar and western or eastern red cedar trees. It is available in shreds and chips. It retains moisture and adds more nutrients to the soil.

Black Rubber Mulch

Black rubber mulch is made from recycled tires which are then dyed using non-toxic, organic paint. It insulates the soil from heat and conserves soil moisture.

Brown Rubber Mulch

It’s made from recycled rubber and doesn’t lose its color easily. It doesn’t rot, compress, or lose its initial beauty. It prevents weeds and enhances the landscape.

Dyed Black Mulch

This type of mulch is made from both synthetic and organic materials. It is often used for curb appeal.

Dyed Brown Mulch

Dyed brown mulch is made from wood chips and logs. It has a fine texture and is used to add organic matter to the soil.

Dyed Red Mulch

It is made from wood chips and dyed using iron oxide. It’s used for aesthetics and to conserve soil moisture.

Gold Mulch

It’s made from shredded fiber. It’s not only used for decorative purposes but is also ideal as organic matter.

Hardwood Mulch

This type of mulch is available in different types of colors. It’s made of recycled pallets and wood waste. It retains moisture and suppresses weeds.

Playmat Mulch

Playmat mulch has a light brown natural wood color. It’s made from chipped wood and is usually used around playgrounds. It also decomposes slowly.

Premium Hardwood Mulch

This is one of the most popular types of mulches. It comes with a uniform size and fine texture and is used to conserve soil moisture and add organic matter to the soil.

Triple Ground Mulch

This mulch has a fine texture and is all-natural. It’s perfect for flower beds and used to suppress weeds and keep moisture in the soil.

Contact a Mulch Delivery Service Today

All in all, mulch can control soil temperature, reduce weed growth and beautify your yard. You’ll be assured of high-quality mulch and fast deliveries with the right mulch delivery service.

And if you’re looking for mulch delivery Plainfield, IL area, turn to Fox Landscape Supply for the best delivery services. We have a large selection of mulches to choose from, each being available for delivery or pickup.

Schedule same-day mulch delivery and we’ll respond promptly.

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