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Torpedo Sand (Course Grade)

$44.00 / ton

Looking for the best torpedo sand? We’ve got you covered with the best options!

Torpedo sand (also known as concrete sand) consists of coarse gravel and compacts easily, making it ideal for pavement. It can also be used for sandbox sand and covers 100 sq. feet with about 2″ of depth.

Here are just some of the benefits of purchasing this terrific sand:

  • Great for both play and industrial use
  • Affordable¬†(when purchased by the ton)
  • Will cover any size area you need

If you are stuck between torpedo sand and mason sand, note that the former is rougher since it has small rocks while the latter does not. Torpedo sand is also ideal to use for projects where you need improved traction and drainage, like paving patios and sidewalks. Mason sand is ideal for construction projects such as filling in gaps beneath swimming pools or walls (infill).

To calculate how many tons you need, just plug the area into our Material Calculator. This ensures you get the best quality sand and the best coverage.

Need the sand on a particular day? No problem! We can deliver right to your location (within 75 miles of our location), and we even allow you to select the date of your delivery. That way, you get everything you need right on time!


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