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Leaf Mulch

$20.00 / yard

Embrace the natural beauty and eco-friendly benefits of Leaf Mulch from Fox Landscape Supply. This composted leaf mulch provides a rich, organic addition to your landscaping, promoting healthy plant growth while minimizing environmental impact.

Benefits of Leaf Mulch:

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly: Made from recycled leaves, reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainability.
  • Nutrient-rich: Enhances soil fertility and provides essential nutrients for plants.
  • Weed suppression: Creates a natural barrier, helping to control weeds and unwanted vegetation.
  • Cost-effective: Provides an affordable solution for mulching your landscape beds.
  • Convenient options: Pickup at our facility or delivery within 75 miles of Plainfield, IL.

Leaf mulch is a perfect choice for homeowners and contractors seeking a sustainable and cost-effective way to enhance their landscapes.

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Approx. coverage = 150 SF @ 2″ thick.


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