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Hardwood Mulch

$28.00 / yard

Our hardwood mulch is an economical solution for garden beds, walkways, and features. Processed to provide a visually pleasing medium-sized cut. This size and quality are ideal for its rich colors and longevity.

Add our hardwood mulch to your landscape and it will look absolutely stunning. With its deep wood color hues, it will bring a vibrant touch to your outdoor space. This mulch will help retain moisture in the soil and protect plants from temperature fluctuations.

Our quality hardwood mulch is also an effective weed control solution and offers superior durability throughout all seasons. The thickness of the mulch provides a strong barrier for plants, too. The high quality helps protect plants from disease, decay, and water runoff.

Give your landscape the upgrade it deserves with our hardwood mulch!

Our Bulk Hardwood Mulch:

  • Processed to provide quality
  • Sold by the cubic yard
  • Covers approx. 150 square feet
  • Available for pickup or delivery
  • Forms a strong, protective layer to insulate soil and plants year-round
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces water loss and prevents erosion
  • Minimizes weed growth

Bulk Hardwood Mulch Delivery

Fox Landscape Supply carries the finest selection of shredded hardwood mulch in the Plainfield area. Order our bulk mulch and create unique features and aesthetics in your yard or commercial property today! Shop now or talk to our team about local delivery within 75 miles of our location.

We also deliver bulk hardwood mulch to your home or business Mondays through Saturdays. Whether you need one cubic yard or multiple loads, our team is here to help.

Order Your Hardwood Mulch Today

Fox Landscape Supply is here to provide the highest quality hardwood mulch available. We offer competitive pricing and delivery fees. Order now and get the best mulch delivered right to your doorstep! Place your order today and start enjoying a healthier, more attractive landscape.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about the hardwood mulch we offer or would like to discuss your landscaping needs, please feel free to contact our team. We are always happy to help! Reach out via phone, email, or chat for assistance. Thank you!

Approx. coverage = 150 SF @ 2″ thick.



Dyed Mulch Install Notice

When using dyed mulch, make sure there is no chance of rain for at least 24 hours after installation.

This will allow the dye to dry properly and give you a beautiful yard all season long!

Dyed mulch may leave a temporary haze on your driveway. To avoid this, we recommend you put a tarp down for the mulch to be dumped on during delivery.

Please Note

Mulch May Vary in Color

We suggest that you visit our store and examine the different varieties of mulch we have in stock before placing an order.

Different production cycles can vary in color, so it is best to take a look first to ensure you are getting the hue you desire.

Material Calculator

Calculate How Much Material You Need

Note: The material calculator is for estimations only. Product coverage areas differ based on the type of material. For more information, please contact us.

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