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Dyed Black Mulch

$37.00 / yard

Our dyed enhanced black mulch is made from durable double-processed hardwood and is made in-house. The non-toxic and environmentally friendly black dye allows the mulch to hold color longer to provide your landscape with consistent beauty. With fair and competitive prices, our dyed mulch can’t be beaten.

This product can cover about 150 square feet at two inches deep, making it a perfect garden mulch option.

Benefits of Using Our Black Mulch:

  • Helps retain soil moisture and prevent weed growth
  • Moderates soil temperature and provides insulation for roots
  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of landscaping or garden beds
  • Improves soil health by reducing erosion and soil compaction
  • Provides a source of organic matter as it breaks down over time
  • Can reduce soil-borne diseases and pests by preventing soil splashing on leaves
  • Helps minimize soil nutrient loss through leaching by reducing erosion and runoff

Take your landscaping to the next level with our black wood mulch that’s both long-lasting and perfectly complementary to the rest of your yard. You can use our material calculator tool below to determine exactly how much bulk mulch you need for your landscaping project.

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Approx. coverage = 150 SF @ 2″ thick.

Dyed Mulch Disclaimer:
• When using dyed mulch, make sure there is no chance of rain for at least 24 hours after installation. This will allow the dye to dry properly and give you a beautiful yard all season long!
• Dyed mulch may leave a temporary haze on your driveway. To avoid this, we recommend you put a tarp down for the mulch to be dumped on during delivery.


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