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3/8" Blue Stone Chips

$225.00 / ton

Are you interested in getting the best-quality landscaping stone for a home or business project? We promise our beautiful 3/8″ blue stone chips will be the envy of everyone who sees them. Their subtle yet distinctive tones will make the rest of your landscaping stand out.

Here are the attributes that make our landscaping stone both affordable and appealing:

  • Cool blue-grey tones, with a touch of beige mixed in
  • Priced at $225.00 / ton — calculate cost based on the square footage needed
  • One ton of stone: approx. coverage = 120 square feet @ 2″ thick.
  • Available for pick up or delivery
  • Individual decorative stones approximately a half-inch to an inch in diameter

Please contact us if you need more information about these 3/8″ blue stone chips.

You may pick up your order at Fox Landscape Supply. While you’re there, look through the other landscaping materials we carry. You might discover another product to add to your order.

We can also deliver the product where you need it within our service area. Semi dump and flatbed delivery are available for bulk material sales. Call us for the freight rate.

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