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13 Modern Garden Edging Ideas to Beautify Your Outdoor Space

Properly edging your garden and your lawn can make it look finished and professional. Here are 13 modern garden edging ideas to get inspired by.
Photo of a garden with plants, decorative stones, edging, and water lines

In the U.S., the average American home spends around $503 per year on lawn care and landscaping. The exterior of a home is one of the most important aspects. It is the part that is most visible to the outside world, so it is vital to keep it looking its best. 

Garden edging is a simple landscaping method with a big impact. It’s an effective way to make your garden look chic. It will also upgrade the look of the rest of your home look as a result.

Follow these 13 modern garden edging ideas below to inspire your next landscaping project. 

1. White Marble Stone

White marble stones provide an elegant and clean aesthetic for contemporary homes. They look great in flower beds and are easy to arrange to form interesting patterns and layouts for modern garden edging designs. This makes them ideal for zen gardens and as outlines for garden pathways.

White marble insulates plants for better soil temperature regulation. They can even aid in water retention by helping plants absorb the water before it evaporates.

These glistening white stones are resistant to deterioration so they will maintain their appearance for years without needing to be replaced. Another plus is that they won’t attract meddlesome pests like ants and termites. 

2. Pea Gravel 

Pea gravel is a more delicate option for modern garden edging ideas. It is small but it is mighty. 

Pea gravel is great to use for garden edging to keep garden soil from spilling over. You can use it to define the space between the garden and the rest of the yard. It is an inexpensive material that is easy to work with. 

It can be used in place of mulch because it holds in soil moisture without decaying over time. Pea gravel is also effective at keeping weeds at bay. They won’t crack, even after thawing from cold winter temperatures. 

3. Artic Rainbow Stones

Looking for a way to make the ultimate impact on landscaping? These stunning stones are a beautiful way to add some oomph to modern garden edging ideas. The fractured granite composition allows the stones to sparkle in the sunlight. 

Measuring ¾” in size, Artic Rainbow Stones come in an array of colors like grey, white, purple, and pink. Edge a patio or a walkway with these small stones to enhance the look of the property in a big way. You can also use Artic Rainbow Stones as a filler around pools.

They are a gorgeous addition to any commercial or residential landscaping project. 

4. American Heritage Stones

American Heritage Stones are suitable and practical decor pieces for modern garden edging ideas. These smooth and naturally polished stones come in 1 ½” and ¾” sizes for additional versatility. This means you can mix both sizes together to create further visual appeal with an interplay of different sizes and textures. 

Durable and affordable, American Heritage Stones are high-quality stones that are perfect for enhancing the appearance of Zen gardens, flower beds, and more. They are especially useful for outlining walkways, garden edging, and as a perimeter border. You simply can’t go wrong with this diverse and multipurpose stone. 

5. Indian Creek River Rocks

In a survey of 1,000 real estate agents, 72% of respondents stated that proper walkways were an essential part of proper home maintenance and design.

Indian Creek River Rocks are a terrific way to add color and visual interest to walkways and landscape edging. They come in an assortment of naturally multicolored tan, red, gray, and light blue hues and can easily add a pop of color to home and commercial landscaping. 

Indian Creek River Rocks complement modern garden edging ideas with an emphasis on natural and earthy designs. Measuring approximately 1 ½” in size, these beautiful and natural stones are durable and low-maintenance landscaping edging options. 

6. Bold Boulder Borders

If you’re feeling bolder about using larger elements for your modern garden edging ideas, try some large granite boulders for stone edging.

Natural granite boulders come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors to enhance landscape edging. These rocks can also easily be used to build up walls, water features, and decorative pathways. 

When used on primarily flat landscapes, boulders add some much-needed dimension and depth to an otherwise static area. Leaving a little space between your boulders will allow smaller flowers and ivies to grow in these spaces for a controlled yet natural appeal. 

7. Mexican Pebbles

Mexican Pebbles are a beautiful and wonderfully diverse-looking stone with a speckled greyish-blue tint. They come in three different size ranges: 

  • 1-2 inches
  • 2-3 inches
  • 3-5 inches

Smaller Mexican Pebbles in the 1-2 inch category, are suitable for placing in the bottom of a water feature like a stream or a small and shallow pond. Small Mexican Pebbles suit modern home design aesthetics and can make a great conversation starter when used as driveway edging and garden edgings.

Medium and larger-sized Mexican Pebbles can also be mixed together to create an even more eye-catching design. Staggering large, medium, and small Mexican Pebbles enhances visual interest. 

Mexican Pebbles are only available for local pickup or delivery within a 75-mile radius of Plainfield, IL.

8. Black Cherry Rocks

Black Cherry Rocks contain a mixture of rich red, blue, and purple granite pieces that can complement a variety of modern garden edging ideas. These statement stones easily add visual interest to property areas. Use them for driveway edging to enhance the tone of natural asphalt. 

Ornamental stones like Black Cherry make an ideal decorative element for outlining pathways and paver edging. Black Cherry can also be used to fill in around trees and garden edging for a contemporary design style. 

9. Midnight Trap Rocks

Midnight Trap Rocks are a perfect fit for creating modern garden edging ideas. Measuring approximately 1 ½” in size, these all-natural stones have a distinct charcoal coloring that beautifully complements modern aesthetics. Trap rocks offer a unique decorating edge that is both appealing and practical.

The striking and chiseled appearance of these stones is well-suited for driveway edging, landscape edging, and garden edging. Edge a patio with Midnight Trap Rocks to design a backyard with a contemporary and stylish vibe. They can create sharp, well-defined, and clean decor lines.

Midnight Trap Rocks are an affordable landscaping option with a variety of different uses.

10. River Rocks

River Rocks offer a natural decorating style that is on par with the earthy and natural exterior trends for 2023. They come in various colors and sizes to suit a wide range of landscape edging needs. 

Each river rock can have its own characteristic shape and texture. You can use one color group like white or yellow-toned river rocks to create a uniform look or use different colored rocks for a more eclectic aesthetic.

Use colorful river rocks to edge a patio in the backyard or a garden bed to break up the monotony and elevate the space. After all, backyards are now the #1 home feature, according to Zillow.

11. Limestone Landscaping Rocks

Limestone is a versatile rock that lends itself to many modern garden-edging ideas. It is particularly useful for landscape edging because its lightweight construction makes it easier and quicker to install. Limestone is a sustainable natural material and it is low-maintenance, durable, and weather-resistant. 

Limestone landscaping rocks are well-suited for reducing the growth of weeds as well as helping to protect drainage areas from potentially damaging erosion. It is a cost-effective landscaping material and can also be used for driveway edging and as a decorative rock type for rock gardens. 

12. Buck Creek Cobbles

Buck Creek Cobbles are smooth and rounded stones with a rustic aesthetic. These stones measure approximately 6-10 inches in size and are ideal for a host of modern garden edging ideas like water features.

Use Buck Creek Cobble stones in decorative elements such as fountains, waterfalls, and ponds. These stones can also enhance the appearance of dry creek beds. They can be particularly useful in plant bed edging as well for a pleasing natural appearance.

The organic tones and textures of Buck Creek Cobbles can add character to any yard. They are environmentally friendly and low-maintenance decor choices for garden edging.

13. Western Sunset Stones

Western Sunset Stones are natural stones that get their name from their primarily charcoal, red, and bright orange coloring.

They are ideal for use in modern garden edging ideas pertaining to desert-style decor.  For example, these durable and fade-resistant stones pair well with drought resistant plantlife like cacti and succulents.

Use sunset stones to create a colorful perimeter around another area. Or mix them in with other stones to build a colorful walkway. 

Western Sunset Stones are also resistant to rot and mold. They won’t decay over time. So you can be sure they will stay looking their best.

Explore More Modern Garden Edging Ideas at Fox Landscape Supply Today

When it comes to modern garden edging ideas, everyone has their own personal styles and preferences. Luckily, with a variety of beautiful and natural landscape edging materials, you can always find the perfect type of material to meet your needs.  

Fox Landscape Supply is located in Plainfield, IL is your trusted source for high-quality sustainable landscape and hardscape materials. We are a family-owned and operated business. Order online for pickup and delivery or come visit our Plainfield location in person. 

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